piccoli produttori

un'idea, amore per il vino, rispetto per la terra, passione

piccoli produttori GRANDI VINI

an idea, love for wine, respect for the earth, passion    



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e-mail:             info@piccoliproduttori.eu

mobil IT:   +39-328-926.92.94 m

mobil DE:       +49-151-1848.71.66 m 

telefon DE:     +49-7531-6912.858 t

telefon DE:     +49-7531-6912.868 t

telefon IT:       +39-0731-776.109 t 

fax:              +49-7531-3504977 f 


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Gianni Formizzi Opitz - marketing


+39-328-926.92.94 m 


Rosanna Zamponi - customer service

+39-0731-776.109 t

Raquel Garcia Prieto - fairs and visits


+39-0731-776.109 t


Petra Lange - ProWein fair 


+39-0731-776.109 t


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Information about our standards, timings, order system, conditions, customer care and support can be found here here. 


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