piccoli produttori

un'idea, amore per il vino, rispetto per la terra, passione

piccoli produttori GRANDI VINI

an idea, love for wine, respect for the earth, passion  

who are the piccoli produttori? 

20 small familiar farms and estates from 11 different Italian regions with some common features: 

- small family ruled farms and estates
- environment frindly, Bio organic or biodynamic certyfied 
- core area of the production are local vines and typical local   
- natural, artisan and not industrial production methods
- a clear marketing strategy

1998 the project of the piccoli produttori developed by Gianni Formizzi Opitz was presented  to the first group of 5 producers: the idea seemed simple: to market together the own products directly in the European countries  and to offer what every wine professional actualy expects....but nevertheless often is missed.


who is Gianni Formizzi Opitz? 


Gianni Formizzi Opitz was born 1964 in Hannover and grew up in different countries but mainly in Italy.
Different experiences also in the catering and culture line mark his first 25 years and attend his studies at the university of Bologna until a serious accident interrupts them. 

After different experiences as account manager, export manager and assistant of the general director for large corporations, first in the non-food and finally in the food industry, Gianni decides to give his experience and knowledge at disposal to small artisan producers. The same he forwarded a personal releationship with during the same years.

He develops his project and after some talks in 1998 comes into being the first group of small estates which since 2000 present themselves in the EU markets under the trademark of "piccoli produttori GRANDI VINI®". 

The first 5 wine makers from central Italy have now become 24 producers from 12 different Italian regions.

They market their products (mainly wine but also olive oil, truffles, honey, balsamico and delicatessen) together to about 280 customers in more than 10 European countries:

Core of the marketing are

The wines and the products of the piccoli produttori are also sold in France, Poland, LatviaLithuaniaEsthonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Grece.

EU and to EU connected countires are anyway the core of the marketing strategy. 

We also deliver since several years to New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sidney.

our ideal business partner

The ideal partner of a small family farm can not be a big federal importer or a supermarket chain. 

Size, required quantities and marketing strategies do not fit together and make it worthwhile and highly hazardous, for a small producer to deal with a too much larger partner.

It is surely safer for a small producer to distribute 20.000 bottles to 20 different customers or even more than to let all in the hands of a single importer.

The ideal partner of a small estate is the small or the medium sizedspeciality retailer/stockist who imports his wines directly, privileges a personal relationship with the wine maker, checks the production cycle going into detail and knows the origin region of the products he sells.
Even he often rules a family enterprise, with a similar sensitivity for quality. 

To a professional who hardly worked to earn a name in his region we always gladly warrant an exclusivity for his distribution area. 

That allows the dealer to work with the necessary relax at the promotion and marketing of the wines and the wine estate to continue developing horizontaly his distribution on other areas.  

Too often you see small producers sell their products improvising orderless and distributing them left and right without any respect to a geographic allocation nor to the needs of their partners. Not having the faintest idea about the market's structure and the activity of the importers brings often shortly to a  proper chaos. 

We wish to avoid this through an accurate and defined marketing strategy. 


mixed orders and groupages

mixed orders

We're small and therefore we privilege small  specialist dealers who can also order small by us.

We offer the opportunity to do mixed orders with all wines and products from the estates and farms of our group.  

The minimum oder lies by 120 bottles per estate or 300 € for the delicatessen producers. 
(for some expensive wines the mionimum order lies by 60 bottles: Brunello + Rosso di Montalcinno, Barolo, Cupo + Ceppo, and Sagrantino)

In that way we give the opportunity to our customers to organize smaller and mixed orders permitting them to get only what they really need and will sell in a medium/short time range.

The importer, following his needs, can thus order oftener smaller quantities without burdening his lager.

It is also possible to make reservations in advance of the scheduled quantities and pick them up later, also through more collections, during the whole year.

That way WE will lager your booked wines and food for you


The transports for groupage at one of the estates of our group are at our cost. 

how does it work?

20 producers, one only pickup place

after an order:

...within 5 working days after receipt we are able to group the goods of the different producers together at a sole place in central or northern Italy. 

--->if you charge your carrier with the transport

we tell you within 1 working day after receipt of the order  where your transporter  can pick up the goods of the different producers we already grouped together at our cost;

--->if we organize the transport for you

we usually need other 5 working days to deliver the goods to your address.

It could sometimes happen for different reasons that it will take a couple of days more  (due to the weekly starts of the transporters  of more deliveries before your address or to festive days in one of the two countries) but on average we manage it within  10-15 workdays after order's receipt to deliver the ordered goods directly to your address.

The costs differ according to the ZIP code of the delivering address and to the transported quantity. 
Send us a request at info@piccoliproduttori.eu
(with ZIP code and exact quantity) we'll gladly send you a price offer for the transport.

You'll receive the invoice with the transport costs directly from the transporter.

No other costs will be charged from us.


Italian transporter's yearly breaks

Please consider that in Italy during the year, with few exceptions, there are  2 breaks during whose quite no truck drives. These take place:

in winter:
- from shortly before Christmas until Epifanìa 
   (first weekend of January)

in summer:
- from the end of the first week of August
  (when the very last trucks start)
until the end of the last August week
  (when the first truck's starts take place again)  

our ordering standards

Timing step by step:

- you send us an order 
   by e-mail at
   or by fax at

- each producer sends you a pro-forma invoice 
within 1 workday after receipt of the order

this allows you to control if every quantity, price and condition corresponds the agreements and meets your expectations.

Please tell us if possible eventual corrections and modifications within the same day in order to allow operating them before departure of the goods. After, everything becomes more complicated and costly for both. 

--->if you charge your transporter

you'll have all the ordered goods ready to be picked up at one place within 5 workdays. 
One day after order receipt we'll tell you the exact pickup location. (you'll receive
address and all necessary data in order to transmit them temporally to your transporter allowing him to schedule the pickup)

---> if we organize the Transport 
- you'll
get an invoice with the transport costs from our transporter.

- and you'll receive the complete order within 10-15 workdays delivered at your address.

Please control attentively the pro-forma invoices in order to correct or adjust eventual mistakes. Without advice by the customers we assume that everything  is all right and organize the corresponding transport. 

If you don't receive a pro-forma invoice within 1 workday after sending us an order please contact us to send you a copy or to check if we even got your order.



customer service, afetr sale, holydays... 

after sale service

The cooperation for us does not end with the sale. We're always at your disposal for any kind of problem, difficulty, questions, information and support anytime it is needed.

Our goal is not the sole sale but a long term for both sides satisfying relationship. And that needs an investment of energy and time. We're ready to do our part.

promotional events

We'l be also glad to support you during tastings, presentations and events you'll organize to promote also our products.

Tell us the calendar date in advance in order to allow us to attend personally and support you with free samples and information material. Usually we plan our schedule until December within April of the same year. 

Consider that the second part of march and the first of April are deicated to the two main wine fairs taking place in Europe: ProWein and Vinitaly.

visits and holydays

We're always very happy to welcome our customers at the estates in Italy. Contact us in advance in order to plan your visit and organize your stay. 

Some estates also give you the opportunity of an accomodation:


Antonelli S.Marco - Montefalco-PG- Umbria

contact: Sara Mari (I, E, D)

Casa Molisso- Montegrosso d'Asti-AT- Monferrato - Piemonte

contact: Delia
(I, E)

Castello di Torre in Pietra- Torrmipietra-RM- Tuscia- Lazio

contact: Christian
(I, E, D, DK)

La Bàsia - Puegnago del Garda-BS- Valtènesi- Lombardia www.labasia.it
contact: Giacomo (I, E, D)

Baldoncini - Cortona-AR- Val di Chiana- Toscana

Kontakt: Asssuntina (I, E)

Majnoni Guicciardini- Vico d'Elsa-FI- Chianti- Toscana

contaktPietro Majnoni (I, E, F)

Politi - Arcevia-AN- Castelli di Jesi - Marche

Kontakt: Giuditta Politi (I, E, F)

Venturini Baldini - Quattro Castella-RE - Colli Canossa- Emilia

Kontakt: Chiara Giannuzzi (I, E)

Villa Angarano - Bassano del Grappa-VI - Breganze - Veneto

Kontakt: Ilaria Ziliotto (I, E)

spoken languages:

(I) = Italian
(D) = German
(E) = English
(F) = French

(DK) = Danish   



Some estates also organize workshopstastingseventscooking courses and many other interesting activities ... tell us what you're interested in, we'll send you our programs and suggestions. 

Visit our vineyards, our cellars, come to meet personally the wine makers to know from themselves their producing philosophy, their personal history and the one of their region...


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